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My work explores the human/nonhuman animal relationship. The main inspiration within my practice has always been the question of animality and the boundaries upon which we disassociate ourselves from the non-human animal. Within my work I utilise the apparatus of the animal agriculture industry, from milking clusters to artificial insemination rods, these tools all form the basis of the visuals constructed. I also use language as a material, the language used within the animal agriculture industry is extracted from its usual setting and deployed in an artistic context with the aim of provoking more contemplation of its usual, everyday use. Transparency and honesty are hugely important aspects of my work which is why I consider it important to make use of material that comes directly from these industries that are being investigated. I use these materials to examine the ways in which the bodies of non-human animals are objectified and commodified by the human animal. Within various industries the bodies of these individuals are pushed to their absolute limit in order to produce the greatest profit. Language and monetary value, both human constructions, are used to enforce property status upon these nonhuman animals allowing them to be reduced to their productive parts. My work aims to explore this destruction of subjectivity and individuality of the non-human animal and also aims to question the ethics of the objectification that this destruction of subjectivity seeks to justify.


2016 – 2020  BA Hons in Art, Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design and Technology

2015 – 2016  QQI Level 5 Art, Craft and Design, Drogheda Institute of Further Education


2022  DIVA opening exhibition, Dun Laoghaire Institue of Visual Art, Dublin

  crux.project part two digital launch,

2020  Surveyor, Solstice Arts Centre, Meath

2020  crux.project part one physical airing (restricted viewing), Rathmichael Woods, Dublin

2020  In the making: Appraisal, Pallas Projects/Studios, Dublin 

2019  How’s your da?, MLV Studios, Dublin 

2019  Making the intangible tangible, United Arts Club, Dublin

2017  Symbiosis, Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin